E komo mai iā Aunty Sweetie’s Hawaiian Tours!

Welcome to Aunty Sweetie’s Hawaiian Tours!

Ike i Hawai’i me na kanaka o Hawai’i!

Experience Hawai’i with the people of Hawai’i!

The Hawaiian Way

Welcome to Aunty Sweeties Hawaiian Tours! We are a proudly Hawaiian-owned and operated tour company dedicated to sharing the beauty of our islands through the lens of culture, food, fun, family, and the timeless values of Aloha and Malama a’ina        (caring for the land).

Why Choose Us

Our mission is simple: offer you an unforgettable journey into the heart of Hawai’i by connecting you to her people. All our tour guides are from the islands with deep roots to the community. We’ll take you to meet the local people, experience Hawaiian culture, hear our stories, explore our aina (land), and learn of aloha.

The spirit that defines our people.

Aloha it’s a lifestyle!

Support Local

Join us as we take you away from the crowds, and visit local businesses that continue the cherished traditions of Hawaii!

Who, What, Where

So many things to see and try in Hawai’i, how do you choose? To help we put together a list of some of our must do places to visit and eat.         We ❤️ & support our local mom & pops spots!

Malama Aina

Our commitment to Malama a’ina (caring for the land) is at the core of our tours. We’ll introduce you to stewards of our land, who will share their knowledge of Hawaiian agriculture, native planting, and food production. Take part in preserving the health of Hawai’i for future generations.

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