Aunty Sweetie


‘Aunty Sweetie’s name is Pamlyra Kaaoaolahilahi Tau-a. She was 100% Native Hawaiian and the most wonderful hardworking woman full of love for her family and heritage. She was also the most incredible host to guests and embodied the Aloha spirit better than anyone I knew. When I think of Hawaii I think of my grandma, Aunty Sweetie. That’s why I chose to name our company and design our logo after her. I wanted guests to have a feeling of family and old Hawai’i when they see us. No one else personifies that concept better than my grandma and that’s why she is the face of our company! It truly is a family affair and that’s how you will be treated as guests of Aunty Sweeties…

Ohana (family)

About Our Owners

Aloha my name is Justin Billings, along with my mother Kahealani Tau-a, we are the owners and operators of Aunty Sweetie’s Hawaiian Tours. We are a Native Hawaiian family from the Hawaiian Homestead of Nanakuli Valley, on the Waianae coast of Oahu. Our family can trace its roots back to the eastside of the island of Maui. I’m a local boy with a background in media, community outreach, agriculture, and hospitality. My mom is the best mom ever, and a life long Commercial Truck Driver. We also lived on the US continent because my dad is a retired Navy Coreman. Being away from the islands made me realize from a young age how special my home is and how unique it is to be a Hawaiian.  That’s why I’m passionate about sharing my home with you. We are building Aunty Sweetie’s for our familie’s future here in Hawai’i, and I will deliver to you the best local tour with Aloha!

Mahalo from our ohana to yours,

 – Justin & Kahea 

Justin Billings

Kahealani Tau-a